Whether you are on the mood for a glass of white, a classic cocktail (with a twist!) want to try something completely new – our Churrasco creations are sure to be an experience like no other…waiter please!

$10 Cocktail Specials


  • Sex On Floripa Beach

    Tropical passion in a glass. Vodka peach schnapps, passionfruit juice and berry syrup.

  • Gaucha Fizz

    Fall in love with a Brazilian Cowgirl. This drink is like a sweet strawberry kiss. Vodka, Eau de Vie Brandy, fresh strawberries and lime.

  • Wild Amazon Melon

    An exotic, fruity jungle juice with a fresh kick. Melon, Vodka, mint, pineapple and lime.

  • São Paulo Sour

    An all time favourite with an Ameretto twist. This sherbetty concoction is the perfect balance of sweet and sour. Vodka, Amerreto, lime, egg white and angostura.

  • Rio Martini

    A lychee twist on the classic martini. Vodka, fresh lychee and lime.

  • Brazilian Violet

    Pretty as a picture. This sweet, purple cocktail is a mix of berries with an oral undertone. Vodka, violet liquer, lime and mixed berry juice.

  • Traditional Caipirinha

    The National cocktail of Brazil. A combination of Germana Cachaça, some lime and a dash of sugar.

  • Sangria Glass

    A mix of red wine fruits & our secret mix of 6 spirits & liquers.

Churrasco Jugs…


  • Red or White Jugs of Sangria $35

    Originating in Spain, Sangria has grown to become a popular, refreshing party drink around the world. Churrasco serves this fruity wine punch which consists of red or white wine, seasonal fruit, and our secret mix of 6 spirits and liqueurs.

  • Caipirinha Jugs $35

    The Caipirinha is the National cocktail of Brazil. At Churrasco we use Germana Cachaça, some limes and sugar to make a traditional drink and you can also choose from one of these delicious flavour combinations:
    Strawberry & Lychee / Pomegranate & Ginger / Pineapple & Cinnamon

  • Brazilian Mojito Jugs $35

    The original Mojito used Rum as its base spirit back in 1580 something with mint that grew naturally in the cane fields. Here at Churrasco we press the limes, slap the mint, pour in some gold Germana Cachaça and combine it with apple juice.

  • Frozen Margarita Jugs $35

    At Churrasco, we add Mexican flavor to your Brazilian Margarita experience. Our Frozen Margaritas are a unique, smooth, unknown alternative. You can choose from one of these delicious flavor combinations:
    Traditional Lime / Passion Fruit  / Watermelon

Dessert Cocktails

  • Espresso Martini – Single $18

    Someting for all those coffee lovers. A combination of Vodka Kahlua and a fresh shot of coffee, it’s sure to give you a kick start.

  • Iguazu Mud – Single $18

    Kahlua, Frangelico, Baileys and Butterscotch Schnapps blended together with vanilla ice cream and served in a martini glass.

  • Sweet Heat Shot $9.50

    It’s a Chilled 2 yrs old Cachaça (National spirit of Brazil), served with strawberries chilli and iced sugar.

White Wines

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc

Glass (150ml) Bottle
NV Salton Intenso Brut-Cuvee Brazil $55.00
NV Achille Princier Brut (France) France $120.00

Sauvignon Blanc
10 Borambola “Wishing Well” Orange $46.00
15 William Cole Chile $10.00 $48.00

Semillon Sauvignon Blanc
12 Churrasco Orange $38.00

11 Salton Brazil $10.00 $44.00

Sauvignon Blanc Viognier
14 Salton Brazil $44.00

12 Antares Chile $40.00

Red Wines

Glass (150ml) Bottle
Pinot Noir
14 Salton Volpi line Brazil $10.00 $45.00
15 William Cole Chile $45.00

09 Salton Volpi Brazil $10.00 $45.00

12 Churrasco Orange $9.00 $38.00
12 Finca El Origen Argentina $45.00

Cabernet Sauvignon
10 Salton Volpi Brazil $45.00
12 William Cole Reserva Chile $10.00 $48.00

Varietals & Blends
12 Salton Intenso TANNAT Brazil $45.00
12 William Cole Reserva CARMENERE Chile $49.00
14 Altosur Mendoza MALBEC Argentina $11.00 $49.00
13 Finca Sophenia Reserve MALBEC Argentina $69.00
07 Salton Talento (Carbente, Merlot, Tannat) Brazil $89.00

Beers & Ciders

Buckets: 5 bottles of Super Bock Portuguese $30.00
Buckets: 6 bottles of Corona $35.00
Hahn Light $7.00
Tooheys Extra Dry $8.00
Hahn Super Dry $8.00
James Boags $8.00
Super Bock Portugal $8.00
Heineken Netherlands $8.50
Corona Mexico $8.50
Asahi Japan $9.00
5 Seeds Cider $9.00
James Squire 150 Lashes Pale Ale $9.00

Soft Drinks / Juices / H20

Guarana Brazilian $5.00
Nakula Coconut Water $5.50
Pepsi Max / Pepsi / Lemonade $5.00
Ginger Ale / Solo / Soda / Tonic $5.00
Cranberry / Orange juice / Pineapple juice / Apple juice $5.50
San Pellegrino Sparkling 750ML $9.00


Wild Turkey / Jack Daniels / Ballantines Scotch $9.50
Bacardi / Smirnoff Vodka / City of London Gin $9.50
Jameson Whiskey / Malibu / La Fee Absinth $9.50
Jose Cuervo Tequila $9.50

Premium Spirits

Belvedere Pure / Chivas / Glenlivet $11.50
Havana Club Reserva 7yr $11.50
Partida Tequila $15.50


Midori /Chambord / Cointreau / Frangelico $9.50
Tia Maria / Kahlua / Disaronno / Limoncello $9.50
Southern Comfort / Galliano / Pama Pomegranate / Lychee $9.50

Ports / Digestives

Averna, Montenegro $9.50
All Saints Port / Tokay / Muscat $10.50
Cognac Martell VSOP $12.50
Penfolds Grandfather Port $16.00

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